The Battles of Bullecourt

“Digger” Sculpture in the Australian Memorial Park

During WW1 Bullecourt was heavily fortified by the Germans and made part of the Hindenburg line. In April 1917 an attack was made along the narrow front between Bullecourt and neighbouring Quéant. In lieu of shelling, tanks were proposed to lead troops through the gaps in the enemy’s barbed wire and breach their front line.

Bullecourt Church and Memorial

The Australian troops readied themselves and in freezing conditions waited for the tanks which did not arrive. Attacking without them, the troops suffered terrible casualties losing 2,229 of the 3,000 who started out, most of whom were taken prisoner.

Australian and British Prisoners of War

On this tour you will learn a little of the conditions that prisoners experienced.

Memorial at Bullecourt

It was not until 3rd May that an new offensive was launched. This time at the end of the day 400m of front line had been taken, a position that was strengthened and exploited by Australian and British troops alike over the coming days

Slouch Hat Bronze, Bullecourt

The excellent Jean & Denise Letaille Museum in Bullecourt displays an array of artefacts found on the battlefield along with personal memoirs of those who fought here.