Derrick Sykes’ Wedding Ring Returned

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Derrick Sykes, the Flight Engineer in one of the Halifax Bombers that crashed near woods at  Fontaine l’Etalon on 25th June 1944 should not been flying that day. He was due to be married and his leave had started that morning. However the raid being early he chose to fly before heading home.

Derrick’s family received a telegram to say that he was missing but it was only when his sister Daphne went to the airmens’ favourite pub that the family learned the truth.

When the body of Derrick Sykes’s was recovered by locals, they discovered his soon-to-be wedding ring among his effects. Fearing it would not reach his family during wartime they hid it and returned it themselves after the war.

Derrick Sykes is buried beside the church in Fontaine l’Etalon with the thirteen other airmen who were killed in the disaster.

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